A few updates to my web profile

Flavors.me Website is in a “Pro” theme. Meaning it has this layout called “Grid” and a couple other things – real time statistics and a custom domain. You can give it a try! austindeboer.me

What else? Google Sites linked with austindeboer.com, no longer works except for the e-mail and calendar apps, but no website. It was a horrible platform anyway. At least you can reach me at Austin@austindeboer.com.
Recently, I obtained a role at Agency Couture as their design intern. More details in the next blog post, and I will keep you guys posted with what I learn too.
I can’t say I joined any more Social Networks… and, I really don’t want to stretch thin either. See you can connect with me at LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flavors.me, WordPress, Foursquare, Gmail, Flickr, Last.fm, and Google Reader. I really only communicate with e-mail, Twitter, and Foursquare. Twitter connects with my Facebook and LinkedIn.
Until next time — Frankly, it will be today.

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Austin de Boer

Hoi! WELKOM, welkom op de pagina van Austin de Boer. Zie mijn Twitter, FourSquare, WordPress, en YouTube, alle feeds op een plek!!

Hi! WELCOME, welcome to the page of Austin de Boer. See my Twitter, FourSquare, WordPress, and YouTube feeds, all in one place!

Goede Dag — Good Day!

via Austin de Boer.

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New Changes

Some changes have been happening, but first, I need to thank Jennifer over at Mashable.com. Thanks for your blog post on Flavors.me. It opened me up to a new way of promoting my self-brand.

New site: Flavors.me/MacMeester

MacMeester? I am a sucker for Macs… I realize they have their problems, but still work better then Windows platforms. And, the Meester part… I am Dutch, and want to know the language and culture. So, you will notice the web page in Dutch (and English for the About section).

I don’t know why I am so obsessed with getting my name out there! (Using obsessed loosely here.) I don’t have anything prepared to share, and haven’t done any brainstorming! In the end, I want a business model that works with this self-branding model. So far, I use the web to promote my Twitter, tech articles, and independent artists!


One last thing, I updated austindeboer.com, a little. Wish I could I just use Flavors.me as splash page, but even that site isn’t fully customizable. The feed pages look sophisticated because of the app connection granted from the service website.

Please leave comments suggesting ideas! I am quite versatile.

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Updates: Website, Holland Page, Dailymotion

Last night, I have put forth effort on AustindeBoer.com, and Holland Trip 2010 page. There will also be concert footage of the band I manage, Brilliant Horizon! (I will apologize ahead of time… for it being NOT HD).

The update on AustindeBoer.com was minor.
>Added buttons for prettier navigation
>New post that is short and cliff hanged

The update put forth on the page…
>Added some content (more to come)
>Fixed a previously nonexistent link to my Dad’s Blog, which has content

Dailymotion (YouTube wouldn’t take it)… Look for a full concert from Brilliant Horizon! It was rockin’! Um, just too bad we lacked a decent video equipment…

Also, you can check the video out here.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Apartment Living has been Stagnant

I realize, I am a lazy blogger. Truthfully, the apartment living was at a still with some crazy nights. The crazy nights, I cannot share here publicly because there are some x-rated content. (Not college orgy crazy, nevertheless, I am not sharing details). Other than the sluggish time spent here… I have a lot of homework to catch up on, and many blog entries to post for my trip to Holland. I also have a new language to learn: Dutch. I plan to live and work there within a year (once my commitment at Big Brother Big Sisters is over).

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Spread the word…

The above video is from my sister’s collab channel, but you should follow her on Youtube and on twitter @sydneybad! But no creeps, please.

Plus the above video is my only appearance on YouTube (or authorized video) Others were to be found on conscriptone’s channel. Hehe, I checked his channel… they are gone…? Why there were some funny stuff on there.

Spread the word of my blog! I know it does not have a focus, but I will get there, promise!

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Brainjuice Software: Blogo for the win!

I justified using Blogo by teaming up with ping.fm. My new blog posts should post to Twitter, Facebook, and other services like my Skype status. It should be well worth $25 and my time.

I’d like to get some ideas from you as well as some feedback!

Great, I look forward to your feedback!

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Comparing Mac Blog Software

I am testing out Blogo, and most likely the only test. I have looked at screenshots of Blog.Mac, MacJournal, MarsEdit, ecto, and lastly, Blogo. I was only impressed by Blogo, except for sharing on Twitter, which ecto does. Once you post, your account automatically tweets/advertises your new post! I can do that in Blogo, but it is manuel. What I do like is the intuitive interface and small footpring along with its bookmarklet feature, which allows me share images, text, video directly from the web with a press of a button. This software is $25 vs $20 (ecto). What are your thoughts? Visit


illumineX :: ecto :: blogging for Mac

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Apartment Living Ed. 2.9.10

Nothing extraordinary happened today… I will let you in on the motions, however.

First off my alarm rang at 7AM, but only started snapping out of it when closing in on 8AM. Nevertheless, it was an early start for me. So, I got ready and was out the door by 8:30AM, headed for Denny’s. They had this free Grand Slam breakfast deal, which by the way is disgusting. It at least did not agree with me nor my body. Okay, after the “breakfast” I was wheeling down Cedar Avenue, going straight to Richfield campus. Luckily the roads were not as bad as -let’s say yesterday! Yeah, I mean only a half hour instead of the expected hour. Also, lucky was the accident on said road cleared before my endearing presence *wink*.

The usual happening in tax class. The boredom that stirs in the teacher’s lectures. After class, I had an important FA meeting, all went well.

Oh, I got my state tax refund today!! So, excited, I went to caribou for a dark chocolate mocha, and oatmeal! ^_^ Back home, just loligagged for a while before tagging along with Alex. We went to go pick up his sister at our middle school (where we met 7 years ago, 8 this fall). Then there was a break in between us hanging out. Because after he dropped me off, I did my own thing. Organized my computer files, and cleaned my shared bathroom.

Alex is back, and now we had some more hanging out to do. 🙂 Stopped at PawnAmerica to drop his stereo and tv off for $80! Much later now, we went to Little Caesars for some cheap pizza, and stopped at his mom’s to eat it.

At last, home again. I watched The American Mall. In my opinion, it was like High School Musical, but only with good acting and set in a mall.

Not my ordinary day, but not extraordinary. Things I get to forward to in tomorrow… algebra with Ashley, a haircut, tax homework, and work.

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Apartment Living Ed. 2.8.10

Starting off the 2nd Monday of February was a blast, I tell ya!

BOOM BOOM! The sounds of a snowy morning happening behind my wall. (Tom, friend of roomie Dan, his 22nd bday) Tom, woke up, only thinking he was having an odd dream. He was looking around, thinking WTF!?! This guy has the most priceless facial expressions, ever. It’s a hoot!

The day before, our dear friend Bella stripped down completely and dressed in only an apron while holding spatula as Tom walks in… Priceless. His expression that eve was the best of all weekend. No signs of excitement because the night before it was a bet. He lost $100. (Bella knew nothing).

Back to today, I got this dancing job which requires me to throw some dignity away, and so I was showing the bikini, I had to wear. Yet another Priceless expression. Again, this time roomie Alex flopping around his sausage, and Boom! Tom gets it!

Alex and Dan sang Happy Birthday, ‘Now and Then’ style. Lovely harmonies.

Not much else happened that morning.

Around 2, I spent a visit to Raising Cane’s. My current favorite fast food restaurant. Although, I am sick of their fries. Great chicken fingers. Great Texas toast. Great lemonade. Meh, I will live.

At 4, I started my street corner, marketing job, representing Liberty Tax Income service. By the way, they gave me a great, great tax refund!! Anyway, this job has its lame quirks; nonetheless, I have fun with it. Thanks to Michael Jackson and miscellaneous disco music. Thank you! RIP MJJ.

After work, I sped home to see 24 at 8. The show was over, so now it was time to visit Applebee’s, and chill with the birthday boy, Tom.

Soon, it was 10, I had some TV shows to catch up on, all DL’d from ThePirateBay.com.

Night night around 130… I hear there is free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s.

That’s all folks. In the coming days, I will be tryin different formats.

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