Recommendation by Grandciel

“What is quite impressive about Austin de Boer is that he possesses social graces and manners that come naturally, but unique for someone so young. He is sensitive to others and carries himself with confidence, yet modestly and sincerely.

Other strengths I have observed in Austin is that he has excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. He is resourceful, technologically astute and a stickler for details.

I would also say that, that Austin is disciplined and a self starter. As a consultant for Studio Zero Seven, Austin’s passion and knowledge of social media marketing has translated into successful marketing strategies for local business’.

In short, Austin de Boer’s charming personality, his skill set and ability to collaborate would make him a valuable asset to any organization.” February 4, 2011

Kristin Maija Peterson, Principal Art Director, Grand Ciel Design, Inc.

Grand Ciel Design
Studio Zero Seven
de Boer

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