My iTouch 2G home

The Dock’s key apps NotifyMe2 and GV Mobile+
NM2: Is now officially my only todo app-it syncs to the cloud, it does local and push notification and simple interface! Perfect!
GV: Simply nothing great on my Pre for Google Voice and this app allows phone forwarding to other than your iPhone.

Home Screen: Key: calvetica, Square, and iStudiez Pro
Calvetica: easy interface for my calendar.
Square: take payments!
iStudiez Pro: keep my school in priority. It keeps my schedule, assignments, and grades.
Goodreader: connects with Google and Dropbox for all my document reading needs (and annotations).
Momento: is like a diary. I’ll use it more when I get the 4G iTouch.
Simplenote: for auto sync to Desktop and cloud for all my quick notes. (Notational Velocity) thanks, Todd!

Fast Add: when just meeting someone and want to take down their info, this is the quickest.
Persoonlijk includes (personal) apps like Day Bank (under Financieel) for registering all my bank transaction. Gas Cubby: for keeping track of my MPG and when my next oil change is. YouMail: view my phones voice mail also available on my Pre.
aNote: syncs to Google Docs, keeps my notes in folders, and optionally lock folders, allows multimedia incl. maps.
BeejiveIM: for all my IM needs incl. Facebook.
NewsRack: my Google Reader client.

Let me know what should be more elaborated. Thanks!

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