Internship Week One: 2-9/7/2010

Austin de Boer, Design Intern
Week 1: July 2-9, 2010

It is a Friday to Friday week, I realize… I started here at Agency Couture, Friday, July 2nd when I met Desarae at her local coffee shop (and favorite), Jackson’s Coffee and Gelato. I have yet to try their gelato… hmm.

It is my responsibility to cover what I have learned in this blog series, so expect a new post either the close of the week or the beginning of the following week from here out. Keep posted with my progress throughout the next six months!

First, I learned how to compose a professional blog, which is not up yet on Agency Couture’s Staff page, but take a look here (This blog’s About)

Second, there were miscellaneous small techniques, awarenesses, and other design tools.

Last, I will cover what I learned over the weekend… Photoshop Splicing. It is a rather easy process. The objective behind splicing is to separate images from the big image to essentially create hyperlinked buttons. You can assign URLs in Photoshop and Dreamweaver, whichever is your usability preference.

Tutorial Video:

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