Design Internship with Agency Couture

A special thanks goes to Twitter for bringing this opportunity to me!

DesaraeV on Twitter

shouted out “Need a WordPress programmer,” of course, I really am no programmer. I know how to build basic HTML web sites, and that is it really.

So the story goes… we talked that night for about a hour about what I can offer, since I wasted her time in terms of programming. What I can offer to her is my knowledge of efficient software, graphic designing, and accounting. I bend the truth a bit here… She knows more about graphic designing then I… I am learning from her throughout this 6-month internship.

The internship is an unpaid program, but has billable opportunities tucked away far or near to me. If I can find a client or more. I can take commission. Also, I can pick up some design projects along the way after learning new techniques that are required to do them.

Visit their website: Agency Couture
Visit the founder’s site: Desarae Veit

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