A few updates to my web profile

Flavors.me Website is in a “Pro” theme. Meaning it has this layout called “Grid” and a couple other things – real time statistics and a custom domain. You can give it a try! austindeboer.me

What else? Google Sites linked with austindeboer.com, no longer works except for the e-mail and calendar apps, but no website. It was a horrible platform anyway. At least you can reach me at Austin@austindeboer.com.
Recently, I obtained a role at Agency Couture as their design intern. More details in the next blog post, and I will keep you guys posted with what I learn too.
I can’t say I joined any more Social Networks… and, I really don’t want to stretch thin either. See you can connect with me at LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flavors.me, WordPress, Foursquare, Gmail, Flickr, Last.fm, and Google Reader. I really only communicate with e-mail, Twitter, and Foursquare. Twitter connects with my Facebook and LinkedIn.
Until next time — Frankly, it will be today.

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