New Changes

Some changes have been happening, but first, I need to thank Jennifer over at Thanks for your blog post on It opened me up to a new way of promoting my self-brand.

New site:

MacMeester? I am a sucker for Macs… I realize they have their problems, but still work better then Windows platforms. And, the Meester part… I am Dutch, and want to know the language and culture. So, you will notice the web page in Dutch (and English for the About section).

I don’t know why I am so obsessed with getting my name out there! (Using obsessed loosely here.) I don’t have anything prepared to share, and haven’t done any brainstorming! In the end, I want a business model that works with this self-branding model. So far, I use the web to promote my Twitter, tech articles, and independent artists!


One last thing, I updated, a little. Wish I could I just use as splash page, but even that site isn’t fully customizable. The feed pages look sophisticated because of the app connection granted from the service website.

Please leave comments suggesting ideas! I am quite versatile.

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