Updates: Website, Holland Page, Dailymotion

Last night, I have put forth effort on AustindeBoer.com, and Holland Trip 2010 page. There will also be concert footage of the band I manage, Brilliant Horizon! (I will apologize ahead of time… for it being NOT HD).

The update on AustindeBoer.com was minor.
>Added buttons for prettier navigation
>New post that is short and cliff hanged

The update put forth on the page…
>Added some content (more to come)
>Fixed a previously nonexistent link to my Dad’s Blog, which has content

Dailymotion (YouTube wouldn’t take it)… Look for a full concert from Brilliant Horizon! It was rockin’! Um, just too bad we lacked a decent video equipment…

Also, you can check the video out here.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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2 Responses to Updates: Website, Holland Page, Dailymotion

  1. austindeboer7 says:

    Ok wow… I want to dump this blog setup too! It WILL not, I repeat WILL NOT embed my video!

    • austindeboer7 says:

      Yay.. it worked now with manually typing in the shortcode! WP, fix your ‘wizard’ setup!

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