Apartment Living Ed. 2.9.10

Nothing extraordinary happened today… I will let you in on the motions, however.

First off my alarm rang at 7AM, but only started snapping out of it when closing in on 8AM. Nevertheless, it was an early start for me. So, I got ready and was out the door by 8:30AM, headed for Denny’s. They had this free Grand Slam breakfast deal, which by the way is disgusting. It at least did not agree with me nor my body. Okay, after the “breakfast” I was wheeling down Cedar Avenue, going straight to Richfield campus. Luckily the roads were not as bad as -let’s say yesterday! Yeah, I mean only a half hour instead of the expected hour. Also, lucky was the accident on said road cleared before my endearing presence *wink*.

The usual happening in tax class. The boredom that stirs in the teacher’s lectures. After class, I had an important FA meeting, all went well.

Oh, I got my state tax refund today!! So, excited, I went to caribou for a dark chocolate mocha, and oatmeal! ^_^ Back home, just loligagged for a while before tagging along with Alex. We went to go pick up his sister at our middle school (where we met 7 years ago, 8 this fall). Then there was a break in between us hanging out. Because after he dropped me off, I did my own thing. Organized my computer files, and cleaned my shared bathroom.

Alex is back, and now we had some more hanging out to do. 🙂 Stopped at PawnAmerica to drop his stereo and tv off for $80! Much later now, we went to Little Caesars for some cheap pizza, and stopped at his mom’s to eat it.

At last, home again. I watched The American Mall. In my opinion, it was like High School Musical, but only with good acting and set in a mall.

Not my ordinary day, but not extraordinary. Things I get to forward to in tomorrow… algebra with Ashley, a haircut, tax homework, and work.


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