Apartment Living Ed. 2.8.10

Starting off the 2nd Monday of February was a blast, I tell ya!

BOOM BOOM! The sounds of a snowy morning happening behind my wall. (Tom, friend of roomie Dan, his 22nd bday) Tom, woke up, only thinking he was having an odd dream. He was looking around, thinking WTF!?! This guy has the most priceless facial expressions, ever. It’s a hoot!

The day before, our dear friend Bella stripped down completely and dressed in only an apron while holding spatula as Tom walks in… Priceless. His expression that eve was the best of all weekend. No signs of excitement because the night before it was a bet. He lost $100. (Bella knew nothing).

Back to today, I got this dancing job which requires me to throw some dignity away, and so I was showing the bikini, I had to wear. Yet another Priceless expression. Again, this time roomie Alex flopping around his sausage, and Boom! Tom gets it!

Alex and Dan sang Happy Birthday, ‘Now and Then’ style. Lovely harmonies.

Not much else happened that morning.

Around 2, I spent a visit to Raising Cane’s. My current favorite fast food restaurant. Although, I am sick of their fries. Great chicken fingers. Great Texas toast. Great lemonade. Meh, I will live.

At 4, I started my street corner, marketing job, representing Liberty Tax Income service. By the way, they gave me a great, great tax refund!! Anyway, this job has its lame quirks; nonetheless, I have fun with it. Thanks to Michael Jackson and miscellaneous disco music. Thank you! RIP MJJ.

After work, I sped home to see 24 at 8. The show was over, so now it was time to visit Applebee’s, and chill with the birthday boy, Tom.

Soon, it was 10, I had some TV shows to catch up on, all DL’d from ThePirateBay.com.

Night night around 130… I hear there is free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s.

That’s all folks. In the coming days, I will be tryin different formats.


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21-year old ambitious business man working hard to make The Sunset Agency's entertainment and IT business to be a success!
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