Recommendation by Grandciel

“What is quite impressive about Austin de Boer is that he possesses social graces and manners that come naturally, but unique for someone so young. He is sensitive to others and carries himself with confidence, yet modestly and sincerely.

Other strengths I have observed in Austin is that he has excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing. He is resourceful, technologically astute and a stickler for details.

I would also say that, that Austin is disciplined and a self starter. As a consultant for Studio Zero Seven, Austin’s passion and knowledge of social media marketing has translated into successful marketing strategies for local business’.

In short, Austin de Boer’s charming personality, his skill set and ability to collaborate would make him a valuable asset to any organization.” February 4, 2011

Kristin Maija Peterson, Principal Art Director, Grand Ciel Design, Inc.

Grand Ciel Design
Studio Zero Seven
de Boer

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Awesome Traffic Light Design

I really love the intuitiveness of this …

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New Facebook Application Streams Live Video From Pages

Could be a used for live shows at the Buzz

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Dream Desk

Can someone build this for me?? I’d do anything for it :) As far as I see… I see not in their store.

Pretty cool desk :) Recently, I have been obsessed with desks and all the inspiration from /

Amplify’d from

Another practical furniture design from Manuelsaez, the Slimdesk reconfigures a desk’s drawers top open on the top of the desk, rather than the sides. Also hiding a power strip and USB ports beneath its cherry veneer, the desk takes everything in to account, even using one of its hollow legs for cable management. Now if it only came with a IV caffeine drip and a bed pan, I would never have to leave my desk.



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Updates: Recently, I had a photo shoot from Paul Nixdorf ( and I am leveraging the photos to my, Facebook, Twitter, & Flickr accounts. Also, I am happy to inform the #stptweetup attendees – I will be there! :) I am so happy to see my schedule clear.

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Come visit my new site: – it will only get better! Each day it brings in more content from Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube,, Formspring, and more networks!

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Oktoberfest might be over in Munich, but it’s still Oktober here in St. Paul! In that spirit, you are invited to join St. Paul Tweetup at Glockenspiel for beer, sausages – whatever your Oktoberfest heart desires. We’ll meet on Tuesday, October 26 beginning at 5:30 p.m. Come out to see old friends or network with new friends. Comradery is free, food and drink is on your own. Public parking lot is on the side of the building. Questions? Tweet me at @ColleenMick. More info on venue: More info on Tweetup: joining the best yet STP-Tweetup?

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My iTouch 2G home

The Dock’s key apps NotifyMe2 and GV Mobile+
NM2: Is now officially my only todo app-it syncs to the cloud, it does local and push notification and simple interface! Perfect!
GV: Simply nothing great on my Pre for Google Voice and this app allows phone forwarding to other than your iPhone.

Home Screen: Key: calvetica, Square, and iStudiez Pro
Calvetica: easy interface for my calendar.
Square: take payments!
iStudiez Pro: keep my school in priority. It keeps my schedule, assignments, and grades.
Goodreader: connects with Google and Dropbox for all my document reading needs (and annotations).
Momento: is like a diary. I’ll use it more when I get the 4G iTouch.
Simplenote: for auto sync to Desktop and cloud for all my quick notes. (Notational Velocity) thanks, Todd!

Fast Add: when just meeting someone and want to take down their info, this is the quickest.
Persoonlijk includes (personal) apps like Day Bank (under Financieel) for registering all my bank transaction. Gas Cubby: for keeping track of my MPG and when my next oil change is. YouMail: view my phones voice mail also available on my Pre.
aNote: syncs to Google Docs, keeps my notes in folders, and optionally lock folders, allows multimedia incl. maps.
BeejiveIM: for all my IM needs incl. Facebook.
NewsRack: my Google Reader client.

Let me know what should be more elaborated. Thanks!

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Internship Week One: 2-9/7/2010

Austin de Boer, Design Intern
Week 1: July 2-9, 2010

It is a Friday to Friday week, I realize… I started here at Agency Couture, Friday, July 2nd when I met Desarae at her local coffee shop (and favorite), Jackson’s Coffee and Gelato. I have yet to try their gelato… hmm.

It is my responsibility to cover what I have learned in this blog series, so expect a new post either the close of the week or the beginning of the following week from here out. Keep posted with my progress throughout the next six months!

First, I learned how to compose a professional blog, which is not up yet on Agency Couture’s Staff page, but take a look here (This blog’s About)

Second, there were miscellaneous small techniques, awarenesses, and other design tools.

Last, I will cover what I learned over the weekend… Photoshop Splicing. It is a rather easy process. The objective behind splicing is to separate images from the big image to essentially create hyperlinked buttons. You can assign URLs in Photoshop and Dreamweaver, whichever is your usability preference.

Tutorial Video:

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Design Internship with Agency Couture

A special thanks goes to Twitter for bringing this opportunity to me!

DesaraeV on Twitter

shouted out “Need a WordPress programmer,” of course, I really am no programmer. I know how to build basic HTML web sites, and that is it really.

So the story goes… we talked that night for about a hour about what I can offer, since I wasted her time in terms of programming. What I can offer to her is my knowledge of efficient software, graphic designing, and accounting. I bend the truth a bit here… She knows more about graphic designing then I… I am learning from her throughout this 6-month internship.

The internship is an unpaid program, but has billable opportunities tucked away far or near to me. If I can find a client or more. I can take commission. Also, I can pick up some design projects along the way after learning new techniques that are required to do them.

Visit their website: Agency Couture
Visit the founder’s site: Desarae Veit

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